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Procona for retail

Procona: from PROducer to CONsumer in Aqua.

Key benefits for retail of using Procona:
• Savings in packaging cost (by retrievable system)
• Savings in labour costs in store and DC
• Savings on transport costs 15-20% (excellent loading capacity on pallets and cage)
• Less waste in store (plastic containers and lids are multi usable, limited use of cardboard)
• Less waste of flowers 1-2% (no damaged flowers by unpacking)
• Better presentation in store; more sales

Find here our Procona accessories for better promotion and transportation.

Do you want to show your bouquets in the most presentable and efficient way? Place the Procona containers in one of our Procona displays to create a perfect retail-ready, in-store presentation that stimulates sales.

Key benefits for retail of using Procona displays:
  The displays provide the best presentation for your flowers
  Easy placement of the containers in the display
  Different display designs available
Other products
  With the shelf you can also display other products
  Different formats possible on one display

Do you sell flowers to consumers on-line, or add fresh flowers to a personal shopper concept? Ensure flowers arrive in good condition by keeping  them hydrated in a Porto.

Key benefits for retail of using Porto:
No leakage and stems always in water
  Whichever way up the Porto
Protected by packaging
  No damage during transport or unpacking
Fast pre-preparation
  Just add water
Fast filling
  Using the Porto filling machine enables 32 Porto 10
  to be filled with the correct amount of water in a few seconds
Secure fixing
  Holds flowers securely with the stems in water

Do you want to offer bouquets to take home in water without the risk of any leakage? The unique PortoVase holds enough water to keep the flowers in water for 5 days and is leak proof

Key benefits for retail of using PortoVase:
Quality assured
  Flowers stay in water so stay fresh
  Every stem held firmly in place
No leakage
  No leakage, whichever way up
Perfect gift presentation
  Ready for instant display & place in home
Second life as a vase
  Can be used as a vase