About us

About us


Pagter : Specialist in flower packaging systems!
Since 1992 we develop and produce innovative packaging systems for cut flowers in water.  Pagter products are designed with the passion for maintaining the quality of flowers, all the way from the producer to the consumer.  Growers, traders, (on-line) florists and retail chains around the world use our concepts to enhance quality, save costs and boost sales.

Pagter is based in Oud Gastel (The Netherlands), Allentown (USA) and Nara-Ken (Japan).

Mission Statement

Pagter develops and produces innovative and sustainable packaging concepts for cut flowers in water. We help to maintain the quality of flowers, to improve their presentation at point of sale and to make the entire chain (from producer to consumer) more sustainable.


Jan de Pagter saw cut flowers suffered substantial loss of quality on their way from nursery to consumer.  To help maintain that quality and freshness he developed Procona (from producer to consumer in aqua).  Procona was introduced on the Dutch market in 1992. Together with his wife Lia and daughter Corina, Jan made Procona a worldwide success. In 1996, Pagter Innovations Inc (USA) was founded. The building in Dinteloord soon became too small and in 2001 Pagter Innovations moved into a larger location in Roosendaal. In 2004, Pagter opened an office in Japan.

Pagter developed a range of products for the transport of cut flowers in water. These products have been awarded the Gouden Noot in 1994, the Good Industrial Design Award in 1999, Innovator of the Year 2002, the Innovations Award Hortifair 2002 and the Bronze Noot in 2006.

In 2005, the first major British retail chain decided to switch to the Procona system for all branches. In the same year, Pagter Innovations added flower displays to its range. From that moment on, Pagter supplied solutions for the better transport of cut flowers and for a perfect presentation at the point of sale. Also in 2005, Pagter brought the first Porto on the market. Porto keeps cut flowers in dry boxes hydrated and fresher for longer.

In 2011, Jan de Pagter stepped down as director. Pagter Innovations continued under the leadership of Loes van der Toolen. Together with Corina de Pagter and the Pagter team, she ensured further growth, modernization of the company and improvement of the product range. When Jan and Lia de Pagter sold Pagter Innovations in 2015, the company they started was a worldwide known and valued supplier in the floriculture and retail sector.

Because the warehouse in Roosendaal also became too small, Pagter constructed a new sustainable, completely gas-free building in Oud Gastel in 2020.