Quality and flexibility


Fly or ship your flowers with Porto so they stay fresh! Porto is the ideal packaging for the online business and for exporters who want to send flowers with water in dry boxes.

Flowers are hydrated during transport without water leaking from the packaging. The Porto contains water for an average of 2 days of transport at a temperature of 30 degrees.

We offer a total concept, consisting of a Porto, a Porto shipping box and an insert. The insert holds the bouquet firmly in the box, ensuring that the flowers remain undamaged. Thanks to the handle on the insert, the consumer can easily remove the bouquet from the box. The quality and convenience of Porto make giving flowers even more special.

Porto is 100% recyclable.

Porto 10



Number of stems:


Amount of water:


Thanks to the Porto 10, you as an exporter can also have thirsty flowers such as cut Hydrangeas in (dry) boxes delivered to your customer in perfect condition by air freight. The Porto 10 is made entirely from recycled/regran material. A sustainable choice!

Porto 20


Round and square

Number of stems:


Amount of water:


Porto 20 is the ideal packaging, especially for (online) florists. It ensures that your bouquets arrive shiny at the recipient.

Porto 20XL



Number of stems:


Amount of water:


Porto 20XL is ideal for (internet) florists. The larger size offers more stability for larger bouquets. We have a box and insert available for this Porto.

Porto 50



Number of stems:


Amount of water:


Porto 50 is ideal for (internet) florists. Due to the larger opening, Porto 50 is very suitable for thicker stems or larger bouquets. We also have a box and insert for this Porto.


PortoVase is a gift packaging for transporting cut flowers in water. In the PortoVase, a bouquet can be transported horizontally (and even upside down!) without the water running out.

With the PortoVase you give a ready-made gift; a bouquet in a vase with water. This is ideal for the recipient, for example at a party, a business meeting or in a hospital. The convenience of the PortoVase makes giving flowers even more beautiful!

After the bouquet has finished blooming, you can reuse the vase many times.

PortoVase is available in any desired color from 5000 pieces.

How does it work


You will receive the Porto ready for use. All you have to do is add water. For the correct quantities see the table below.

Amount of water
Porto 10 (round) Porto 20 (round + square) Porto 20XL (square) Porto 50 (square)
Avg. number of stems 10 20 20 50
Amount of water 80 ml 160 ml 400 ml 400 ml
Porto insert and box

Porto packaging is a reliable choice for online florists. With this packaging, your bouquets remain in water during transport, and a box specially developed by Pagter provides extra protection. These boxes, ideal for Porto 20XL and Porto 50, ensure that bouquets remain stable regardless of movements during transport. The Porto packaging can be transported horizontally, vertically and even upside down without water leaking from the packaging.

The use is simple: place the Porto with flowers in the corresponding insert and slide it into the box. Thanks to the perfect fit between the insert and the box, the flowers remain firmly in place, even if the box tips over. Upon arrival, the flowers can be easily removed from the box without damage using the handle of the insert.

Porto box dimensions
Box with insert For Porto 50 and Porto 20XL
Length x Width 25 x 30 cm
Height 75 cm
Stem length 65 cm

The Porto boxes are supplied in white as standard. Boxes with customer-specific prints are available on request.

Porto filling machine

To speed up the packing process, a Porto filling machine has been developed, with which Porto can be filled with the right amount of water in a few seconds. This means time savings in busy periods!



Quality guarantee

The flowers are in water and stay fresh longer.



Stems remain neatly upright and the bouquet retains its shape.


No leaks

Can be transported horizontally and even upside down.


Pre-watering possible

Ideal during busy periods.


Total concept

With box and insert, can also be used as gift packaging.


100% recyclable