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Packaging and presentation systems for cut flowers

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Your flowers travel business class


Travel business class

The journey is prepared by carefully pouring water into the Procona, creating a luxurious environment for the flowers.


Flowers go on board

Flowers are carefully placed in the refreshing water, enjoying luxury and comfort.


Privacy guaranteed

A protective collar is placed around the flowers to give them a feeling of protection and exclusivity.


Premium closing

A ventilating lid is placed on the collar so that the flowers can travel in a protected and comfortable environment with plenty of fresh air.


Safety on board

A strap is placed securely around the packaging, allowing the flowers to travel with extra security and stability.


Final destination reached

The flowers in Procona arrive in top condition, even those in the middle of the pallet! Remove the lid and collar and they are ready to shine in one of our displays.


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Sustainable and efficient packaging keeps flowers fresh throughout the entire chain, from producer to consumer.

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Water-retaining, leak-proof packaging for online business and exporters.

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Flexible display systems for optimal presentation of flowers and plants.

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Let's get acquainted

We are Pagter

At Pagter, quality, sustainability and reliability are of key importance. It's in our DNA. But we do it differently.

With our transport and presentation packaging for cut flowers, we go beyond green energy. Good packaging makes work more efficient and quality better. We reduce CO2, costs and minimize waste. A sustainable appearance and cost savings go together seamlessly.

We build a partnership and contribute to the sustainable image of your organization in the market.

More about us

More about us

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For whom?

Meaningfully different


Lower transport and labor costs and sturdy packaging that lasts a long time and is stackable. This reduces costs and increases convenience. In addition, this way we work together towards a greener future for the organization.

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Qualitatively different


The quality of flowers is preserved longer in Pagter packaging such as our Procona. Less damage and a higher output as a result. We contribute to the sustainable image of your organization in the market.

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Reliably different


Better quality flowers that arrive in stores faster and can be sold for longer. Sounds too good to be true, but it is reality with our packaging. The empty packaging is easy to nest, making it easy to collect. Less effort, more output.

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Dahlia in Procona

The dahlia is a beautiful flower and is often used in summer and autumn bouquets. It is not a very strong cut flower by nature, so it is important to transport it safely protected and in water. With Procona Valencia your dahlias arrive without damage and in good condition !