The London, the middle-sized container in the Procona range (dimensions 11.8 x 12.9 inch), is ideally suited for use in supermarkets: Flowers are presented perfectly, can be sold straight from the container without re-packaging or trimming the stems and the quantity of flowers in London containers is ample to ensure the display is always attractively full.

How does it work?

Loading on a pallet

Procona London container Procona London container flowers

  • London containers

    London containers

    London containers will take loads of up to 143 lbs (at 5°C (40°F), for 3 - 6 days) and fit on pallets measuring 40 x 48 inch, 31.5 x 48 inch and 23.6 x 31.5 inch and on (Danish) trolleys. They are available in three heights to suit flowers with different stem lengths.

     Height Ideal for stem lengths
    9.8 inch 13.8 - 19.7 inch
    11.8 inch 19.7 - 25.6 inch
    13.8 inch 25.6 - 35.4 inch

    Like all Procona packaging the London containers have matching straight cardboard collars available in a range of heights and in either cardboard or plastic. The collars are so strong that London containers full of flowers can be stacked up to a height of 94.5 inch, even when in chilled transport for a long time.

    London containers and lids are suitable for both single and repeated use.Procona London container dimensions inches

  • Customizing your London containers

    Customizing your London containers

    The rims and sides of London containers can be printed in a single color with your logo, company name or a unique barcode, qr-code or matrix code for traceability.
    The collars and lids can also be personalized.

      bloemen container bedrukte kaarg Procona London container barcode

    London containers are available as standard in black, but if you wish a different color, or have any other special requirements, talk to us. We have considerable experience with customizing Procona containers and other system components.

     Procona London container other colors

  • Promotion collar for London container

    Promotion collar for London container

    Place a promotion collar on the London container to present your flowers even better.
    Flowers get more attention with your own text, logo or picture.
    You can contact us for more information.

    Procona London container promotion collar 1 Procona London container promotion collar 2