Procona displays

Pico & Bali display

The Pico and Bali display are both compact flower displays. They can be moved through the shop with ease because of the four wheels.
Both displays consist of one single part that can be set up in a few simple steps and folded in again. The lowest bar is at a height that ensures the bottoms of containers do not touch the ground so it is easy to clean the floor.
They are suitable for use with all models Procona containers.
The Pico and Bali display are great together, in combination with Madeira displays and as stand alone.

The compact Pico allows you to display a lot of flowers using little floor area. The Pico display is designed to hang 4 containers in a display; it fits in any space and is ideal at the checkout point !
The top bar is at a height that ensures flowers in the top row of containers are easy to reach.

Pico display flowers Pico measurements cm inch

Like the Pico display the Bali display is fully mobile and compact. It can hold maximum 6 Proconas with flowers. With matching shelves the Bali is easily transformed from a display for cut flowers into a potted plants display or into a presentation for flowers and plants combined. Its wider and lower shape makes the Bali ideal to place in front of a counter!

Bal display flowers Bali display