Procona displays

Madeira display

The Madeira display system, with just three basic elements; center rack 120 cm (47.2 inch), center rack 60cm (23.6 inch) and quads, enables creation of any size of display. For a fully mobile presentation there are special Madeira racks on wheels.

The Madeira display features horizontal bars, on which hoops can be placed in any configuration. The hoops are suitable for London, Valencia and Florida containers. We also have hoops for round buckets. The container is suspended in the hoop. The hoops can be suspended as you wish (maximum four layers of containers from top to bottom). The Procona container in the hoop is tilted slightly forward so that the flowers can 'look at' the clients. This enables a perfect presentation of the flowers in the Procona container.

Madeira quadMadeira center rack 120      Madeira center rack 60

Madeira quad bloemen  Madeira center rack bloemen 120Madeira center rack bloemen 60


The lowest bar is at a height that ensures the bottoms of containers do not touch the ground so it is easy to clean the floor. The top bar is at a height that ensures flowers in the top row of containers are easy to reach. The centre racks have wheels on the back to make it easier to move the display to a different position.

  • Elements and possibilities Madeira display

    Elements and possibilities Madeira display

    Center rack 60 cm

    Madeira center rack 60 dimensions

    Center rack 120 cm

    Madeira center rack 120 dimensions


     Madeira quad dimensions

    Center rack 120 cm on wheels

    Madeira 120 cm center rack op wielen

    Quad on wheels

    Madeira quad op wielen


    Procona hoops

    Valencia hoop                        London hoop                       Florida hoop


    Ronde houder 25 cm Ronde houder 22 cm

    Round hoop 25 cm              Round hoop 22 cm



    Possibilities per
    Madeira frame

    Center rack
    60 cm

    Center rack
    120 cm


    Max. number Valencia hoops

     8 12 10

    Max. number London hoops

    8 16 13

    Max. number Florida hoops

    8 16 13

    Max. number
    round hoops
    25 cm

    8 16 13

    Max. number
    round hoops
    22 cm

    8 20 14

    Max. number plant shelves

    4 4 6

    Max. number signage holders

    1 1 -

    The Madeira display allows you to make any combination you prefer; a number of frequently used configurations are shown below.




  • Advantages Madeira display

    Advantages Madeira display

    • Flexibility to place more or less hoops so the display always appears full
    • Possibility to create any size and shape display with three basic elements
    • The hoops are angled so flowers “look” at the consumer
    • Combination flowers and potted plants on the same display
    • Promotion holder for center racks
    • Each hoop has a price card holder


  • Accessories Madeira display

    Accessories Madeira display

    Potted plant shelf (for Madeira and Bali)
    Potted plant shelves are available for almost all displays. The shelves (standard with plastic tray and capillary matting) can be placed on different positions on the display.
    You can use the displays for cut flowers and potted plants or other items, or a combination of both.

    Madeira center rack plant shelves

    Madeira quad legborden voor potplanten

    To turn that difficult inner corner into a continuing wall of flowers. Now available for Procona London containers. Need a Triohoop for Procona Florida or Procona Valencia containers? Please contact us.

    Signage holder
    A frame for a promotional information board is separately available for the Madeira centre rack.

    Madeira signage holder


  • 3D configuration program

    3D configuration program

    We developed a program to show different display options in a store environment. Customers can immediately change the chosen display set-up as they wish and visualize how it will look in their store. Customers respond enthusiastic when shown these possibilities. The 3D configuration program is an enormous help in designing customized set-ups for different stores. If you wish to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.