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Procona for growers

For transport on the farm and for shipping out your flowers, Procona offers you many advantages.

Procona: from PROducer to CONsumer in Aqua.

Key benefits for growers of using Procona:
• helps maintain quality by continuous hydration and ventilation
• less handling, so less labour and damage
• Savings in packaging cost (by retrievable system)
• Savings on transport costs (up to15-20%)
• Various sizes of containers, topframes and collars available
• heavy duty container for use on the farm

Do you send out susceptible thirsty flowers in dry cartons? With Porto you can ship your flowers hydrated in dry boxes.

Key benefits for growers of using Porto:
No leakage and stems always in water
  Whichever way up the Porto
Protected by packaging
  No damage during transport or unpacking
Fast pre-preparation
  Just add water
Fast filling
  Using the Porto filling machine enables 32 Porto 10
  to be filled with the correct amount of water in a few seconds
Secure fixing
  Holds flowers securely with the stems in water

Do you grow Gerbera’s? Read more about our packing concept for these fragile flowers:
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