Sustainable Procona for Noviflora

Noviflora is a leading European ornamental plant export company. They offer their customers, in particular florists, wholesalers and retailers, a sophisticated range of local and international plants and, for a number of years, also cut flowers. They like to be at the forefront with their innovative and professional approach and push boundaries where possible.

Dennis de Gooijer, Noviflora writes:
“At the end of 2018, Noviflora started using the Procona Florida container from Pagter Innovations. The Florida containers are more environmentally friendly and reusable and therefore fit well with our business philosophy. Together with Jurgen, we have given the containers a look that fully matches our house style and with our logo. This makes the containers unique and recognizable. We are satisfied with the quality of the containers and the associated top frames. The containers can be used multiple times because we have them professionally cleaned after use. The feedback from our customers is also positive. Together with Pagter Innovations we look at how we can send our products even more efficiently in the future in order to offer our customers optimum service. ” 

Noviflora Procona Florida 1  Noviflora Procona Florida 2


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