Procona accessories


All the accessories available for your Procona system.

  • Partition


    The partition can be clamped to the container rim to ensure the last few bunches in the container remain upright and perfectly presented. The partition is suitable for repeated use and is recyclable.

    The partition can be used in all containers except the Florida 18.

    Procona partitionpartition

  • Topframes


    Topframes are available for use with Florida containers and Valencia/Amsterdam containers. A top frame is used to add height to the container. This means the container can be used to transport and display flowers with longer stems. 

    Procona topframe

  • Promotion collar for London container

    Promotion collar for London container

    Place a promotion collar on the London container to present your flowers even better.
    Flowers get more attention with your own text, logo or picture.
    You can contact us for more information.

    Procona promotion collar 1 Procona promotion collar 2

  • Procona sponge

    Procona sponge

    Most airlines will not transport flowers in water because ‘loose’ water could spill and cause a safety hazard. If flowers must be kept in water during the flight inserting a Procona sponge in the container solves the problem.

    Procona sponge

    The Procona sponge is made of highly absorbent and very fibrous material which ensures the cut surface of the stems always remains wet. This not only ensures the flowers remain fresh, it also means the stems do not need trimming on arrival. Once back ‘on the ground’ additional water can easily be added to the container through the hand grip without opening the package.

  • Hanging frames for Danish trolleys

    Hanging frames for Danish trolleys

    Procona containers are ideal for use on Danish trolleys as they can simply be placed on the trolley’s trays. Replacing the trolley trays with hanging frames does, however, offer several advantages:

    • Optimum loading because flowers of different heights can be transported together
    • Extremely efficient for storing flowers temporarily in a cold room
    • Hanging frames are more robust than regular trays
    • Containers cannot tip over even when being loaded or unloaded with a forklift or on a slope
    • Hanging the frames at an angle (front lower than the back) turns the trolley into an ‘instant’ sales display

    Hanging frames are available to hold:

    • 6 Valencia/Amsterdam containers
    • 10 Florida containers

     Procona hanging frame Danish trolley