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Procona flower container

About Procona

Whether you are a grower, an exporter, a wholesaler or a retailer, if cut flowers are your business you know the better your flowers’ condition when they reach the consumer, the greater their potential to make you profit and enhance your reputation for quality.

To keep cut flowers in perfect condition they need to be kept in water and a flow of cool air. All the way from the grower to the consumer. Which is exactly what the Procona system does.

Advantages of the Procona system

1. Labour savings

1. Labour savings

  • Easy and fast packing and unpacking
  • No re-packing en route
  • Minimum labour (and time) needed for handling at the wholesaler
  • Flowers are visible through the open lid;
  • No trimming of stems on arrival
  • Readying flowers for retail display is fast and simple – they stay in the same container

1. Labour savings Easy and fast packing and unpacking

2. Quality

2. Quality

  • Flowers are kept in water throughout transportation so arrive at the customer fresh
  • No condensation because air circulates around every flower and the temperature and humidity
    inside the containers is virtually the same as in the cooled truck or chiller
  • No re-packing en route prevents flower heads and stems being damaged
  • No damage from moving within the packaging - flowers are transported upright and held in place
  • Procona is very solid and stackable so no damage from collapsing boxes

2. Quality Improved batch quality

3. Logistics

3. Logistics

Procona is a stable and stackable packaging system with a loading capacity that is:

  • 10-20% higher than in a bucket in a box (depends on type)
  • equal to dry boxes for cylinder-shaped bunches (iris, tulips, daffodils, etc.)
  • lower than dry boxes for conical bunches (chrysanthemums)
  • far higher than a bucket on a trolley


  • works well with other types of packaging because it is so robust
  • utilises maximum loading capacity on pallets
  • thanks to its ventilating properties is the only in-water packaging system suitable for the long-haul transportation of cut flowers

3. Logistics Stable and stackable packaging

4. 100% recyclable

4. The environment

  • All Procona system components are 100% recyclable
  • As most system components are for repeated use, raw material usage is reduced
  • The high loading capacity means less journeys, less use of fossil fuel

4. 100% recyclable Less journeys, less use of fossil fuel

5. System costs

5. System costs

Although the initial costs of Procona can be higher than for other packaging systems, these costs are almost always more than recouped through savings in other areas.

  • Most Procona system components are repeated use. The savings over disposable systems depend on the number of turn-arounds and stems per container
  • Procona containers and lids are nestable. Containers and lids used for around 7 trucks full of flowers can be returned, empty in 1 truck. This saves transport costs

Just ask and we will be happy to work out the advantages for your specific situation.

5. System costs Saving in other areas

6. Marketing

6. Marketing

Procona containers and collars can easily be personalised with your own company name and logo

6. Marketing Easily personalised

Description of the Procona system

The Procona system:

Procona, which stands for "From PROducer to CONsumer in Aqua", is an unique packaging system for flowers throughout the entire chain from grower to customer.

 The Procona transportation system comprises:

  1. container (suitable for one-time or repeat use) that ensures the flower stems are in water and which has a rim into which to fit;
  2. A cardboard collar (one-time use) or plastic collar (one-time or repeat use) that protects the flower heads;
  3. A ventilated lid (one-time or repeat use) for fresh air flow and that enables the containers to be stacked.






 Procona container sizes


Maximum external
width x depth



30 x 40 cm

25 and 35 cm


30 x 33 cm

25, 30 and 35 cm


24 x 30 cm

18, 25 and 35 cm

A wide range of collar heights and a top frame that increases the container height ensure the ideal packaging for every stem length.

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