Procona displays

Samos display

Samos, which holds four Procona Valencia or London containers or six Florida containers, is an ideal display for smaller shops and gas stations. On the shelf supplied with the display, related articles such as potted plants, arrangements or chocolates can be displayed, combined in a single display with flowers. The Procona containers are tilted slightly forwards for optimal presentation of the flowers.

There is also the possibility of adding plant shelves to the display. These plant shelves can be combined with the Procona containers. This makes the Samos display suitable for both cut flowers and potted plants or a combination of both.

The improved display has hooks to hang these shelves on when not in use.

The unit has four wheels, so is easy to move.

It is supplied fat-packed and easy to assemble.

Samos display Samos display flowers

Samos display potted plants flowers Samos display potted plants