Porto box

Porto box 1 Porto box 2

Porto packaging for Internet florists
A Porto ensures your bunch or bouquet has water during transport, but to protect the flowers and enhance their presentation the filled Porto should be packed in a box. Pagter Innovations has developed a box especially for the models in the Porto system range used by Internet florists – Porto 20XL and Porto 50. The box design ensures bouquets are held firmly in place throughout transportation. 

Porto boxes
Porto boxes are a combination of a corrugated cardboard box with hand grips and a corrugated cardboard insert. The Porto filled with flowers is positioned in the insert and then the insert is slid into the box. As the insert plus Porto is the same height as the box, once the box is closed the Porto with flowers cannot move around – whichever way up the box is turned. When the box arrives at its destination a handle at the top of the insert makes it very easy for the flowers to be lifted out without them being damaged in any way.

Printing boxes possible as from 5.000 pieces.

 Model Porto   Box size
 L x B x H (cm)
 stem length 
 20, 50 & 20XL  25 x 30 x 75  65 cm
 Insert Porto 20, 50 & 20XL    65 cm