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Gerbera packaging

Gerberas are delicate flowers that require special care during transportation if they are to arrive in good condition. Being dry-packed in boxes with the flower heads well protected prevents the petals being damaged, but there is a risk that the stems and flowers will become limp. Packed in bunches in auction containers with water prevents the stems and flowers becoming limp, but often results in the flowers being damaged. The solution is a Pagter Innovations gerbera packaging system that protects the flower heads while ensuring the stems are in water.

Pagter Innovations offers two gerbera packaging systems:
• Procona gerbera packaging;
Gerona gerbera packaging.

The basis of the Procona gerbera packaging is the Procona system’s Florida container. Several types of cardboard interior are available.

The basis of the Gerona gerbera packaging system is box made of cardboard or plastic. An auction bucket can also be used as a base. The Gerona interiors, which are made of plastic, provide the flowers with maximum protection. All the types of cardboard interior can also be used with the Gerona system.

By combining different components you can create the ideal packaging for your situation and purpose.

Advantages of the Procona Gerbera system

1. Quality

1. Quality

  • Flower heads held securely and separately – prevents damaged petals
  • Stems in water throughout transportation – prevents limp stems

1. Quality Quality through protection

2. Loading

2. Loading

Optimum loading on pallets

2. Loading Optimum loading on pallets

Procona Gerbera packing line

Pagter Innovations has developed a packing line for the Procona gerbera packaging. This packing line comprises:

- An insertion table
- A water dosing machine
- A strapping machine (table model)

This packing line simplifies the packing of Procona gerbera packaging considerably.