For Procona and Porto

Pagter Innovations has developed a number of machines and aids for fast, efficient filling and readying of its packaging. Every situation is different, so please talk to us about customising machinery options to suit your needs.

The range varies from a simple wooden unit in which a container is placed for filling to a complete machinery line including a washing machine.

Pagter Innovations will be happy to help you set-up and implement a Procona processing line.

  • Porto 10 filling machine

    Porto 10 filling machine

    Porto 10 filler 2Porto 10 filler 1

    This filling machine makes the Porto 10 even faster – just plug in to the electricity supply, attach the hose to the water supply, place a tray of 32 Porto 10 on the grill, press the red button and approximately 7 seconds later all the Porto are filled with 80 ml of water. Lift off the filled tray and the machine is ready for the next tray to be positioned and filled. The amount of water to be inserted can easily be adjusted by turning the timer button which controls the amount of time the electromagnetic valve to the water supply remains open.

    The stainless steel (AISI 304) machine can easily be moved to the most convenient position. It has two fixed wheels and two swivel castors with brakes. The grill stands in a drip-tray with a central spillway so a barrel can be placed on the floor within the frame to collect any spilled water.

    Boxes of 4 trays each holding 32 Porto 10 can be ordered.

    Filling machines for Porto 20 and Porto 50
    Currently the filling machine is only available as standard for the Porto 10. A filling machine for use with the Porto 20 or Porto 50 could be produced. Please contact us for more information.

  • Water dosing machine

    Water dosing machine

    Water dosing machine

    Various water-dosing machines are available for filling the Procona containers, or the gerbera packaging system bags, with the correct amount of water.

    Simple, manually-operated, water-dosing machine
    This water-dosing machine will fill two gerbera packaging system bags within a few seconds. The machine can also be used for fast-filling Procona containers with water. The water buffer above the outflow openings is maintained at the correct level by means of a float. A dosing pump can be used to add flower food to the water before it flows into the buffer.

    Alternatively there is a manually-operated pump that adds the correct amount of water to the gerbera system bags.

    Water-dosing machine with lift
    Between 5 and 10 containers are stacked into the machine. The top container is filled with water. When this container is taken off the stack the lift raises the following container to the correct level and fills it with water.


  • Strapping machine

    Strapping machine


    There are various options for automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. Pagter Innovations will be pleased to help you find the best suitable type for your needs.

  • Collar insertion machine

    Collar insertion machine

    Although most clients insert collars in the rims of Procona containers manually, to make processing large volumes of Procona even faster, the process can be automated. Please ask us for advice if you are interested in this option.

    Simple pneumatic collar insertion machine

    Cardboard insertion machine - pneumatic

    This machine was developed specially for Procona. It has no feeder belt, simple height adjustment and is suitable for, or can be made suitable for, Valencia, Amsterdam, Florida and London containers.

    Simple collar inserter with fixed arms

    Cardboard insertion machine - manual                 

    A pneumatic collar insertion machine will only be cost-effective if it is used on a regular basis. This is why we developed even more simple and inexpensive collar inserters made of steel or water-resistant multiplex board and suitable for Valencia, Amsterdam, Florida or London containers.

  • Washing machine

    Washing machine

    Washing machine

    This professional washing machine, developed for Procona containers measures 300 x 140 x 160 cm (l x w x h) and is made entirely of stainless steel with a continuously variable conveyor chain. It has heavy-duty heating units to ensure the water temperature remains consistently high despite the speed of the washing process, a powerful pump and separate washing and rinsing sections. The internal water-flow is easily regulated and the electrical connections can be adjusted to suit the available mains voltage. Loading and unloading is arranged in such a way that the washing machine can be operated by one person.